About us

Committed to clean air purification products and services


CROWNLETTER Environmental Technology Co.LTD,Established in 2011 with a commitment to bring clean quality air purification products and a wider range of services. Since then we have successfully identified, designed, developed and supported solutions to minimise pollutants and help control air and odour problems. We are one of the leading suppliers of air and odourpurification technology. Since 2011, our products have been used in a wide range of projects, from the hospitality industry to large shopping malls, restaurant chains, Westfield and East Village, Costo, Burger King and other restaurants. With our extensive industry experience in the commercial ventilation areas, we have sufficient resources and expertise to supply better solutions on even the most challenging projects.

When it comes to commercial ventilation products, we continue to create  innovations to stay ahead of the curve ,because we know that the industry demands the best when it comes to product compliance and mandatory standards.

We believe that production capacity and reasonable inventory are very important to reduce the time of delivering product to the customer. We are a value-added company constantly looking for better ways to innovate in fume control purification technology.

We work with ventilation and equipment contractors, M&E consultants and agents to provide solutions for commercial odour and fume control in restaurants and commercial project developments.


Our mission is to work closely with the industry and bring innovative products and services that control air and odour problems. 

By combining the latest technologies, industry experience and bundled with old fashioned service, we believe we can provide you with best of breed products.